Post-ELF 5: Beyond Dogma and Denial

When the implications of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) first hit the consciousness of the ELT community at the beginning of this century, reactions tended to polarize between dogma and denial. On the dogma side were militants who saw native pronunciation models such as received pronunciation (RP) as a residue of colonialism which needed to be uprooted. From the denial point of view, these militants were a noisy distraction who would hopefully tire themselves out and go away. These are caricatures admittedly, but let’s run with them a little… Continue reading “Post-ELF 5: Beyond Dogma and Denial”

PronPack Wins ELTons Award!

PronPack has won the 2018 ELTons Award for ‘Excellence in Teacher Resources’. A judge’s quote says, ‘These books will soon become a must have resource on teacher staff room shelves’. Let it be!

(Thanks to David Lake for the photo)