PronPack Published By…

When the PronPack website was launched in 2017, Mark Hancock introduced the project…

“As an established published author in the field of ELT, this is my first venuture into self-publishing. Taking over two years to get to this point, the PronPack series is on the verge of publication – the project has been immense with a small dedicated team driven by a passion and a determination to see this thing though.”

Then, a year later, we were proud and delighted to announce that: PronPack 1-4 won the 2018 ELTons Innovation in Teacher Resources Award and was runner-up for the ESU English language speaking Resources for teachers award, both prestigious awards for innovation in the English language teaching sector. Read more in the articles PronPack Wins ELTons Award! and PronPack wins an English Speaking Union prize

And now we have two further books that take a different approach by focusing on common difficulties faced by learners from one specific language background…
PronPack 5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish Speakers
PronPack 6: Pronunciation of English for Brazilian Learners.

A big shout out to everyone who helped make this possible! Most recently, thanks to Ricardo Sili for his help and advice as well as Taylor Veigga for helping to trial the material in this book and providing student feedback on PronPack 6.

In the latter stages of development of books 1-4 we had invaluable help and support from our team of consultants/reviewers around the globe, including:

  • Freya Barua (India)
  • Marina Cantarutti (Argentina)
  • Ariel Donnell-Clark (UK)
  • Cristina Gómez Martínez (Spain)
  • Ewa Grzelak (Poland)
  • Louise Guyett de Orozco (Ireland)
  • Oksana Hera (Ukraine)
  • Stella Maris Palavecino (Argentina)
  • José Mompean (Spain)
  • Lalitha Murthy (India)
  • Catarina Pontes (Brazil)
  • Jane Neill (UK)
  • Adam Scott (UK)
  • Elena Velikaya (Russia)

I would also like to thank my students at English in Chester (, who were the first to try out the activities in this book, and colleagues at that school who also trialled the material, especially Patsy Tyrer.

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