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PronPack 1-4 is available in two formats, eBook and Paperback.

eBook – Portable and personal, PronPack 1-4 eBooks are available on Kobo and iBooks. The fixed-layout ePubs feature integrated audio files to support the clear easy-to-follow pronunciation activities in each book.

Paperback – Want to browse through a book? Get your hands on printed copies of PronPack 1-4 from Amazon , The Book Depository, Wordery, the BEBC bookshop, Bookery (Australia), SBS (Brazil), englishbooks (Czech Rep) or DES (Greece/Cyprus) with more supplers tbc. Why not get copies of PronPack 1-4 for your school staffroom or resource centre.

Whether you go for the Ebook or Paperback version or both, the additional teacher resources on this website make it easy to prepare for class with print-friendly posters, worksheets, downloadable audio files, presentation slides and more.

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“…Hancock’s approach is strikingly innovative. For many years I’ve thought that an ELT classroom without a pron chart on the wall is naked. A pron chart or the pron chart? Well, Hancock has reconceptualised our pron chart brilliantly…”

— Brian Brennan, Modern English Teacher, 27 (1), January, 2018