Teacher Resources

Whether you’ve bought the eBook or Paperback version or both, we hope your students will enjoy the activities in PronPack 1-4 and our latest book PronPack5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish Speakers.

The additional teacher resources on this website make it easy to prepare for class with print-friendly posters, worksheets, downloadable audio files, presentation slides and more.

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Simply click on the cover of your book/s above to access the teaching materials and resources for books 1-5 and follow the download guidelines or select your book from the Resources dropdown menu.

PronPack Sound ChartsCheck out the six downloadable poster-sized versions of the  PronPack Sound Chart for your classroom.

PronPack resources include:

  • Six A3 sized poster versions of the PronPack Sound Chart
  • Print-friendly PDF files of the student activity worksheets
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files as required
  • Slides to use during the presentation phase of the lessons
  • Extra alternative worksheets for activities in PronPack 1 and 3
  • Additional materials coming soon!