PronPack 5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish speakers

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PronPack 5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish Speakers provides materials for 18 lessons focusing on common difficulties faced by Spanish-speaking learners. It contains printable worksheets and teacher’s notes, plus audio files on a support website. The lessons attract learners’ attention with memorable activities including raps, games and puzzles.

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What aspects of pronunciation are covered in PronPack 5?
Most lessons include two distinct activities on the same topic, for example a rap followed by a communication game or puzzle. The presentation is fun and original, helping to engage learners in what can often be a daunting area of language learning. Each lesson will typically take around 20-30 minutes of class time, although this can vary a lot depending on how thoroughly you exploit the material. The teacher’s notes include instructions for presenting and carrying out the activities in class, as well as detailed notes on the pronunciation focus, including a comparison of English and Spanish.

The book is based on the principle that the most important reason to teach pronunciation is to help your students understand and be understood. For this reason, the lessons in this book focus on pronunciation issues which are most likely to affect intelligibility. The objective is not for learners to sound like native speakers of any specific variety of English, but to be better communicators in a world where English is a global Lingua Franca.

Sample Pages:

To try out this sample activity in class, you can find the worksheet, teaching notes and audio here at (the link opens in a new tab)


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