PronPack 6: Pronunciation of English for Brazilian Learners

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PronPack 6: Pronunciation of English for Brazilian Learners contains English pronunciation materials for teachers working with Portuguese-speaking learners from Brazil. The book contains copiable worksheets for the students and teacher’s notes for you. The teacher’s notes highlight the teaching focus, minimum level, and indicate printing requirements and audio files for each activity.

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What aspects of pronunciation are covered in PronPack 6?
The lessons focus on aspects of pronunciation which such learners often find difficult because they are very different in English and Brazilian-Portuguese. Many of these are at the level of consonant and vowel sounds, but there are also some that are above the individual sound level. The notes include some background to the pronunciation point plus a language comparison between Brazilian Portuguese and English. This is followed with step by step instructions for using the lesson in class.

The book is based on the principle that the most important reason to teach English pronunciation is to help your students understand and be understood. For this reason, the lessons in this book focus on pronunciation issues which are most likely to affect intelligibility. The objective is not for learners to sound like native speakers of any specific variety of English, but to be better communicators in a world where English is a global Lingua Franca.

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