Homophone Hunt 1

Homophones are pairs of words such as piece and peace, with different meaning but the same pronunciation. But they may also be phrases which are more than just one word, as in this challenge. In this pair, the homophones occur because two words link together and it’s not clear where  the boundary between them lies – there are two possibilities! Can you find the homophones?

This homophone hunt went on Facebook, and the winner is… Jolanta Nyczke with sick snails = six nails!

Heading for BrELT on the road in São Paulo!

BrELT is ‘a global ELT community made by Brazilians’ and what a community it is – amazing energy and initiative, and an important part of any teacher’s personal learning network, in Brazil and beyond. But it’s not only online – there are now physical conferences too. This event is their second, and I’m honored to have been invited! More about the event here!