PronPack Review in CATESOL Journal

Banner Graphic for CATESOL Journal • Volume 30 • Number 1 • 2018
CATESOL Journal • Volume 30 • Number 1 • 2018

There are loads of really great pronunciation articles in in the current special edition of The CATESOL Journal (30.1) – click on the link at the bottom of the CATESOL page  (they are all free-access).

Check out, for example, the article on the status of word stress in ELF pronunciation teaching by Lewis and Deterding. This remains what Jennifer Jenkins called a ‘grey area’, but after this article, tipping a little more in the direction of ‘yes, do teach it’.

There are also some reviews in the journal, including a review of PronPack from an American perspective by Ellen Rosenfield.

“In Hancock’s latest work, PronPack, he delivers a marvelous collection of classroom-ready online materials for teaching and practicing key features of English pronunciation.”

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PronPack in Modern English Teacher

Article by Mark Hancock and a review by Brian Brennan in MET
Article by Mark Hancock in MET

The PronPack Sound Chart is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Modern English Teacher. Inside the magazine, I have written an article explaining the vowel chart entitled “Putting Vowels on the Map”.

Meanwhile, in the “Book I’ve Used” section, there is a review of PronPack written by Brian Brennan of Ih Barcelona. Here are a few quotes…

“Hancock’s approach is strikingly innovative”
“Hancock has reconceptualised our pron chart brilliantly”
“PronPack sets out to fill a gap and it does so admirably”