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PronPack 6: Pronunciation of English for Brazilian Learners.

PronPack 6 Front cover

The two latest additions to the PronPack collection take a different approach, focusing on common difficulties faced by learners of English from specific language backgrounds.

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Pronpack 5 focuses on common pronunciation difficulties faced by Spanish-speaking learners and  Pronpack 6 is specifically made for for Brazilian Portuguese-speaking learners. The teaching materials in both books include 18 lessons that attract learners’ attention with memorable activities including raps, games and puzzles.

Where can I get Pronpack ?

PronPack 1-6 are available in two formats. Get your hands on the paperback from Amazon and other suppliers listed, or buy the eBook – portable and personal, from iBooks or KOBO – with downloadable materials for each book available in the Resources section of this website, either version is great for use in the classroom.
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“Mark Hancock’s PronPack, a set of four pronunciation resource books, can be described as clever, original and well-organised.”

— Tony Rusinak, IATEFL Voices, July-August 2018 Issue 263