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PronPack 5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish Speakers. This new addition to the PronPack collection takes a different approach by focusing on common difficulties faced by Spanish-speaking learners. The teaching materials for 18 lessons attract learners’ attention with memorable activities including raps, games and puzzles.
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Where can I get Pronpack ?

PronPack 1-5 are available in two formats. Get your hands on the paperback from Amazon and other suppliers listed, or buy the eBook – portable and personal, from iBooks or KOBO – with downloadable materials for each book available in the Resources section of this website, either version is great for use in the classroom.
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“Excellent resource. This is the best pronunciation book I’ve seen. The way the book is laid out really makes the phonemic sound system easy to understand both for teachers and language learners. The activities are also excellent. I highly recommend this and the other books in the series.”

— Danyah. A., *****on iBooks