English Language Awards

English Speaking Union recognises PronPack
PronPack is a finalist for an English Language Award!

Since 1971, the English-Speaking Union has celebrated the highest quality English language teaching resources. This year, there are four categories for the  awards, each focusing on materials which develop oracy (speaking and listening) skills: Resources for Young Learners (ages 3-12); Resources for Secondary to Adult Learners (ages 12 and above); Resources for Teachers; The President’s Award for the use of new technology in ELT.

PronPack 1-4 has been shortlisted for the award in ‘Resources for Teachers’. Also in the same category are  ‘A Syllabus for Listening’ by Richard Cauldwell,  Puchta and Elliot’s ‘Activities for Very Young Learners’, ‘Mobile Learning’ by Shaun Wilden, and ‘Power-Up’, from David Farmer. The winner will be announced on November 20th, 2018 at a ceremony in London.

The Perils of Final Consonant Devoicing!

Mark Hancock's cartoon about substituting p for b at the end of a word.
Perils of Final Consonant Devoicing

Minimal pairs. Context will often disambiguate, as it hopefully does in this cartoon! But pronunciation problems tend to hunt in packs, and the resulting chaos is less easy to find your way out of. You end up having to unpick the problems one by one anyway. Minimal pairs.