PronPack review in IATEFL Voices

There’s a great review of PronPack in the July-August edition of IATEFL Voices, by Tony Rusinak in Canada. Here are a few excerpts…

“Mark Hancock’s PronPack, a set of four pronunciation resource books, can be described as clever, original and well-organised.”

“After trialling PronPack, some co-teachers and I found the tasks both practical and entertaining.”

“A key feature of the series is the graphic design.  … high-gloss inventive infographics, thoughtfully-sized font, sufficient white space and clear, concise instructions…”

“The smart layout of the books re-affirms Hancock’s knowledge of busy teachers’ requirements when trying to integrate pronunciation into a demanding lesson plan.”

“In the introduction, Hancock claims that ‘the aim is successful communication, not correctness’, a point cleverly woven into the activities.”

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