A Pronunciation Syllabus across ‘PronPack’

Resource Packs

Each book in PronPack 1-4 is different from the others by activity-type, rather than the pronunciation points covered. Each book is a resource pack taking one particular approach to a wide range of pronunciation points. All of the books move generally from individual sounds near the beginning to suprasegmental features towards the end.


In terms of level of difficulty, there is no general distinction between the books, nor from beginning to end of each particular book. Traditionally, pronunciation courses begin with individual sounds and end with suprasegmentals, and consequently the latter are often assumed to be more difficult, but this is not necessarily the case. For example, in PronPack 1, some of the workouts from near the end of the book are no more intrinsically difficult from those at the beginning – they simply focus on a different aspect of pronunciation.

Matching Activity with Focus

Each of the four activity-types – workouts, puzzles, pairworks and poems – have different strengths and weaknesses with regard to different pronunciation focuses. For example, the poems do not seem to be a good vehicle for demonstrating intonation because the rhythm of the poem overrides the it. On the other hand, they are excellent for focusing on features of rhythm and connected speech. With PronPack, I have tried to ensure that the material in each book plays to the strengths of each activity type.

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