Which PronPack – eBook or print?

The plus points for ebook or printed book, why not get both!
The plus points for ebook or printed book, why not get both!

PronPack is available in both ebook and print format. If you’re trying to decide which format to get, here are some points to consider.

The eBook is cheaper. It also benefits from having the convenience of audio files integrated, accessible at the click of a button. It’s also fast to navigate around the book directly from the contents page. It’s ideal if you want your own personal copy, and easy to carry around in your own device. You can’t print directly from your ebook, and for this reason, there are pdf files of all the student worksheets available on pronpack.com. These may be printed, or projected onto the board – it’s up to you!

The print book is more expensive, but it’s great if you like to have a book in your hands to browse through at your leisure. It’s also good for sharing – you can pass it around the staff room. If you’re looking for a version of PronPack to keep in the staffroom library, you’ll want the print edition. For the worksheets, you can photocopy in the good old-fashioned way, or else print from the pdf files on pronpack.com. If you need audio, the files for all the material can also be downloaded from pronpack.com.

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